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Search word

<input name="search" />



<input type="hidden" name="IncludeBlogs" value="<$mt:BlogID$>" />


Enable to search by category information.

<!-- requiring this settings. -->
<input type="hidden" name="CategorySearch" value="1" />


To ignored the search word, it specifies it.

If the search word is not specified in a usual search of MT, it becomes an error.
However, there is a search that doesn’t specify “search word” using this plugis either and if it doesn’t want to do to the error in that case, you will specify this feature.

<input type="hidden" name="CategorySearchIgnoreText" value="1" />


Specify the set of the search.

<input name="search" />
<!-- Other search parameters -->
<input type="hidden" name="CategorySearchSets" value="set1" />
<input name="set1_type" value="or" />
<input name="set1" value="Category-1-1" />
<input name="set1" value="Category-1-2" />

<input name="CategorySearchSets" value="set2" />
<input name="set2_type" value="and" />
<input name="set2" value="Category-2-1" />
<input name="set2" value="Category-3-1" />

The following conditions were specified when searching it by the above form.

  • Belonging to “Category-1-1″ or “Category-1-2″
  • AND
  • Belonging to “Category-2-1″ and “Category-3-1″
  • AND
  • Matching with search word.
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