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What’s this

  • When Entry and Page are edited, CKEditor is made available as WYSIWYG editor.
  • Not only “BODY/MORE” but also it is possible to apply to the “Outline” field and other a Custom-Fields field.
  • The pictogram that TypePad distributes can be inserted.


  • MT5


  1. Download “CKEditor-x.x.x.zip” from download.
  2. Extract this file.
  3. Upload “CKEditor-x.x.x/plugins/CKEditor” as “plugins/CKEditor”.
  4. Upload “CKEditor-x.x.x/mt-static/plugins/CKEditor” as “mt-static/plugins/CKEditor”.
  5. Installation successful.


Licensed under the terms of any of the following licenses at your choice:


CKEditor for Movable Type


Pictogram Web Site

3 Responses to “About the CKEditor for Movable Type”

  1. scott sanders Says:

    Your CKEditor-1.02 plugin is working great for me on MT5.01-en release. Thanks!!

  2. Kweid Says:

    It(last release) does not works on my Opera web browser

  3. Mujeres rusas Says:

    On my Mozilla Firefox browser it works great. Thank you!

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