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What’s this

  • All blogs are restructured with the bookmarklet.

Requirements (MT)

  • MTOS
  • MT4.1

Requirements (Browsers)

  • Firefox2 or 3
  • IE7

Installation and Execution

  1. Download JavaScript file from mt-rebuild.js
  2. Upload the downloaded file to an arbitrary server.
    (It need not be the same as the server in which MT is installed. )
  3. Register the following one line as a bookmark.
    javascript:(function(){var s=document.createElement(%22script%22);s.charset=%22UTF-8%22;s.src=%22http://uploaded-server/uploaded-directory/mt-rebuild.js%22;document.body.appendChild(s)})();
  4. It is installation completion. Please execute the bookmarklet.


MIT License

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