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What’s this

  • When Entry and Page are edited, TinyMCE is made available as WYSIWYG editor.
  • Not only “BODY/MORE” but also it is possible to apply to the “Outline” field and other a Custom-Fields field.


  • MTOS
  • MT4


  1. Download “TinyMCE_MTPlugin_all_{version}.zip” from download.
  2. Extract this file.
  3. Upload “TinyMCE_MTPlugin_all_{version}/plugins/TinyMCE” as “plugins/TinyMCE”.
  4. Upload “TinyMCE_MTPlugin_all_{version}/mt-static/plugins/TinyMCE” as “mt-static/plugins/TinyMCE”.
  5. Installation successful.

License (plugin)

New BSD License

License – TinyMCE

It applies to an original license. (It is LGPL. )

Address of thanks


I was going to refer to the method of adding the WISIWYG editor to MT4.

One Response to “About the TinyMCE-MTPlugin”

  1. William Tam Says:

    Great plugin! I wish the documentation were in english.
    Here is a tip on making it work with a more recent version of TinyMCE, and a bugfix.
    I implemented the plugin on our MovableType 4 Enterprise installation. At the same time, I wanted to update the version of TinyMCE from the version you distributed with the plugin – (2009-05-25) to the most recent (2010-05-07) to deal with numerous Safari and IE8 support issues. This worked fine, here’s what I had to do.
    1. Rename the directory tree of mt-static/plugins/TinyMCE/lib/jscripts/tiny_mce to a backup folder.
    2. Copy the tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce directory tree distributed by Moxiecode into mt-static/plugins/TinyMCE/lib/jscripts/tiny_mce
    3. From the backup folder, copy the tiny_mce/plugins/movabletype folder to mt-static/plugins/TinyMCE/lib/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/
    4. From the backup folder, copy the tiny_mce/themes/advanced/skins/mt folder into mt-static/plugins/TinyMCE/lib/jscripts/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/skins/

    Everything works at this point, but I found a bug with the movabletype plugin (which allows for using the MT image uploader and file uploader within the TinyMCE editor). In IE, if you haven’t put your cursor into the editor window when you click the buttons to upload either an image or file, you get an ‘error on page’ and nothing happens. This is caused by IE needing to get ‘focus’ on the editor before executing a getBookmark to determine cursor position for inserting the image. The solution is simple, though it would be best if it could be added to the distributed code.
    In mt-static/plugins/TinyMCE/lib/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/movabletype/editor_plugin.js , change the two instances of
    What we’ve done is inserted ed.focus(); to force IE to give the editor focus and thus be able to do a getBookmark call.

    After all of this, the editor works perfectly in all recent browsers, taking advantage of the many bugfixes that Moxiecode has done to TinyMCE since 2009.

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